Garnish Garden

Using stock photography


illawarra brochure design
Over the years stock photography has been an important resource in realising outstanding designs, especially for those businesses that either don’t have their own photography or haven’t yet built up a catalogue of images to use.
sydney brochure design
An important consideration when using stock photography is to find images that tie in with the look and feel of the branding, don’t immediately look like a generic stock image and can convey a message visually.
sydney branding design
Often this can be achieved by cropping an image in an interesting way, stripping out or replacing the colours to elevate an image and tie it back in with the overall branding.
Stock libraries also have great resources that can be used to change an image to a moody or over saturated graphic. Using a photo of a textured surface and laying it over a clean, crisp image can change its profile. The Boomerang Alliance images above have been muddied to give a feel of newspaper print, adding gravity to each message and differentiating them in the environmental sector.
poster design sydney
Stock libraries also have access to scenes that would be very expensive for a business to style and shoot, especially if all that is needed is one graphic for a poster, like the fashion show image above.

Packaging process


Last year, Mister Minit asked Garnish Garden to help them with a new line of 13 products under the name ‘Miss Minit’ aimed squarely at women. Being right up our alley we jumped at the chance, initially setting up a (secret) pinterest board with packaging and colour ideas.
Once it was clear we were on the same page the logo was designed and the first pack laid out and refined until everyone was happy. After signoff things really got going in a whirlwind of patterns, colours and layouts!
We used a restricted colour palette and consistent leaf pattern to keep the products coherent, however each pack was assigned its own pattern and colour mix for differentiation. This was then rolled out over the various product shapes and sizes and we’re really happy with the result! Miss Minit is now available Australia wide so be sure to have a closer look next time you pass a store.


Album cover design


Album cover design

Another project worth highlighting is the album cover and lyrics flyer design for Sydney band Hucker Brown.
After listening to the album a few times it was decided to use an old map as the foundation of the design, highlighting the stories in the songs. An old tattoo also linked some of the lyrics to the cover.
lyrics flyer
These themes were then employed while laying out the 6 page, roll fold flyer for the lyrics.
We wish the boys all the luck with the new album!

Magento e-commerce design & build


Magento website design and code

Its been an extremely busy year here at Garnish Garden HQ, so much so that not much has been recorded here in the blog.

Work wise, one of the big projects was the design, build and launch of Elume’s new e-commerce website using Magento.


Website category page

What initially seemed to be a simple shop build (as much as they can be!) turned out to be extremely complex for a few reasons which I’ll list here:
They required a shop front for both retail and wholesale customers.
If you look at Elume’s famous pillar candles you’ll find 23 fragrances that each come in 11 different sizes – that’s 253 photos and profiles just for pillar candles alone. We needed to devise a way to easily display every product but with less clicks and less photos. Have a look at how we solved that problem
There was also the backend database entry of around 800 products and having that tie in with the new accounting software Xero.
Making the site responsive to the current standards.


E-commerce product page

Still, with such beautiful images and products it was a joy to get our teeth into this project, go check it out!


WordPress website design



Its been a while since my previous post but a lot of work has been going on here at Garnish Garden HQ.

We always love working with artists and have found that they prefer their websites a bit like their gallery spaces; clean and white where the work is the hero. Another important aspect is the ability to update the site themselves thus our decision to build their sites using WordPress.

Check out Catriona Stanton’s beautiful work in the website we recently launched.


Another website we recently built using WordPress was for Sydney casting agent Anousha Zarkesh.

She required a simple brochure site that she could update when new projects were added as well as showcasing previous work.



Building a brand, one project at a time





Its just a bit late but we thought we’d show off the work we did for the US online store Twofold.
In November we designed some print work in the form of posters and post cards, promoting Twofold’s Christmas pop-up shop. We referenced our previous design work for the store to build the brand and create a recognisable style.


We’ve also been designing all the graphics for the website which is always fun as their product selection is totally crush worthy!




Designs for a good cause


Here’s some work we did for the recycling campaigners, Boomerang Alliance. The project, which focuses on Australia’s shocking record of recycling in the tyre industry, aims to educate the public and shame suppliers.


Using a racing theme, Garnish Garden designed two logos, a micro site, posters and graphics for social media to quickly illustrate the message in an entertaining way.
Be sure to check out the Race to Recycle campaign, its an issue we should all be aware of!




A big congratulations to one of our Garnish Garden coders, Ewan Horsburg, who this weekend won his third consecutive Coast to Kosciuszko ultramarathon as well as setting a new record time for the race!


Well done Ewan! We’re all impressed (and in awe) here at GG HQ.

Candle packaging launched


We shot this range in the autumn, which you can see by the glorious ivy in the above photos, but Elume wanted to hold the product launch back a few months so I’ve been chomping at the bit to show them off!

With 22 fragrances available it was fun coming up with a packaging design which had a cohesive feel yet introduced each fragrance with its own colour.



A visit to the cafe


Logo, branding design sydney
Its always great to get away from the computer and see your work in situ. Add waffles and coffee into the equation and things can’t get much better! Was really happy with how the menu design turned out and the colours fit beautifully with the interior of the cafe. Cue iPhone photo of customer posed with menu for posterity.