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Magento website design and code

Its been an extremely busy year here at Garnish Garden HQ, so much so that not much has been recorded here in the blog.

Work wise, one of the big projects was the design, build and launch of Elume’s new e-commerce website using Magento.


Website category page

What initially seemed to be a simple shop build (as much as they can be!) turned out to be extremely complex for a few reasons which I’ll list here:
They required a shop front for both retail and wholesale customers.
If you look at Elume’s famous pillar candles you’ll find 23 fragrances that each come in 11 different sizes – that’s 253 photos and profiles just for pillar candles alone. We needed to devise a way to easily display every product but with less clicks and less photos. Have a look at how we solved that problem
There was also the backend database entry of around 800 products and having that tie in with the new accounting software Xero.
Making the site responsive to the current standards.


E-commerce product page

Still, with such beautiful images and products it was a joy to get our teeth into this project, go check it out!


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