Garnish Garden

Packaging process


Last year, Mister Minit asked Garnish Garden to help them with a new line of 13 products under the name ‘Miss Minit’ aimed squarely at women. Being right up our alley we jumped at the chance, initially setting up a (secret) pinterest board with packaging and colour ideas.
Once it was clear we were on the same page the logo was designed and the first pack laid out and refined until everyone was happy. After signoff things really got going in a whirlwind of patterns, colours and layouts!
We used a restricted colour palette and consistent leaf pattern to keep the products coherent, however each pack was assigned its own pattern and colour mix for differentiation. This was then rolled out over the various product shapes and sizes and we’re really happy with the result! Miss Minit is now available Australia wide so be sure to have a closer look next time you pass a store.


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