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Using stock photography


illawarra brochure design
Over the years stock photography has been an important resource in realising outstanding designs, especially for those businesses that either don’t have their own photography or haven’t yet built up a catalogue of images to use.
sydney brochure design
An important consideration when using stock photography is to find images that tie in with the look and feel of the branding, don’t immediately look like a generic stock image and can convey a message visually.
sydney branding design
Often this can be achieved by cropping an image in an interesting way, stripping out or replacing the colours to elevate an image and tie it back in with the overall branding.
Stock libraries also have great resources that can be used to change an image to a moody or over saturated graphic. Using a photo of a textured surface and laying it over a clean, crisp image can change its profile. The Boomerang Alliance images above have been muddied to give a feel of newspaper print, adding gravity to each message and differentiating them in the environmental sector.
poster design sydney
Stock libraries also have access to scenes that would be very expensive for a business to style and shoot, especially if all that is needed is one graphic for a poster, like the fashion show image above.

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